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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kill of the Week: Honor and death

Hm, two weeks of kills to choose from. But the winner has got to be this high-sec carrier killed in Amarr... TMC has the story on this one but it's actually pretty straight-forward. For unknown (and dumb) reasons, the player in the carrier either accidentally or on purpose accepted a duel from another player in system flying an Ashimmu. Perhaps figuring he could kill the Ash in short order then redock, he apparently didn't figure on the guy's corp-mates showing up to:
  • keep him repped;
  • feed him cap; and,
  • bump the carrier more than 300km off station and keep it from warping out.
Whoopsie! The pilot involved in the duel switched ships twice ending up in an Armageddon to neut out the carrier's reps (thanks to the neutral cap transfers). The carrier pilot ended up rage-logging and missed his own explosion, apparently not even trying to evacuate the enormous treasures in the ship's various bays. The fight ended up going more than three hours. Nice kill!

PL had this "kill" the same day, but I'm pretty sure I don't believe it. It's not verified on either zkillboard or eve-kill, so it might be (probably is) a troll.

While I'm on the subject of PL though, here's a couple of quick fun kill-mails that involved them the last two weeks. Here's a run-of-the-mill shield Oracle killed by the new drone ship of choice... take one guess what it is before you click the KM. And here's an interesting experimental PL Proteus fit I was pointed at. It's yet another drone ship but taken to extremes. For a while, PL was using allies as cannon-fodder and tacklers for super-long range rail Nagas and like ships. It seems they're moving to similar doctrines using Sentries.

Let's continue the honorable mentions with three quick dumb people, this person, this person, and this person. To the first person: I hope that was a joke or a troll or something. To the second person: oi. That's not how you try to keep a PvE Raven safe. I thought w-space people were smarter than that... To the third person: where oh where oh where did you think that Rattlesnake was gonna be safe?

Speaking of dumb people, I keep saying that PvE ships need some buffer. Proof number 836 is this mission Golem, brought down by four -- count 'em, four -- Tornados. Profit to the aggressors? Four billion ISK each assuming they got the drop. Enough for 30-odd replacement gank Tornados each.

Finally, this one just struck my funny bone. It's obviously an attempt by Brave Collective to claim the insurance value of a Moros hull that they couldn't get out of a C3 wormhole. But it's hard not to wonder if this might have gone faster with a simple self-destruct...

Fight of the two week period goes to this brawl in w-space between Disavowed (and others) and Kill It With Fire (and others). When I personally think of "big, epic fight" this is the kind of fight I like: four or five hundred people in total, relatively equal sides, expensive losses on both sides, something at stake in the conflict. So many fights in EVE are just not this that it's really refreshing to see one that is. TMC has the full story on it and a pretty good video.

Number of dead super-caps week before last: 3

Pretty slow couple of weeks!

The fun starts with this hysterical little Wyvern kill, caught and "killed" in low-sec by a probing ship and two hictors. EN24 has the full story on this one, and it's amusing and pretty basic. A known Wyvern pilot had sold his character so someone who knew and tracked the character was curious about what had happened to the Wyvern. Answer? It had been transferred to a "super mule", an alt used to hold supers so that one's main can continue training without logging the super in. Trouble is that a lot of mules don't have the basic skills needed to fly the super in question, including the ability to fire smart bombs or use the projected ECM module super-carriers can be fitted with. So it was here: the mule couldn't do anything with the ship, the player figured death was inevitable, so he self-destructed the ship. So a pair of HICs and a Buzzard share the KM. Nice, hee!

Two days later, this Nyx went down, also in low-sec. This time, it was a travel-fit super. I haven't been able to find the story on this one. If you know what happened here, please share it in comments! The ship that got the final blow is pretty amusing...

Next day, another Nyx, also in low-sec, apparently on a station. This one smells a LOT like someone warped this Nyx to a station intending to dock it up while the character involved trained the skills needed for his new toy. If so, I wonder how that worked out for him? I use Chardelaine myself as a staging system from time to time and it would be no surprise at all to me to learn that PL had all of these caps staged either right there in Chard or a gate-jump or two away.

Number of dead super-caps last week: 1

And only one Christmas week, this Nyx killed the day after Christmas, this time in Scalding Pass by a mixed CFC dread fleet. Remember how I said that last year some over-confident people used their supers during quiet periods to do some structure shooting? Yeah, that. In this case, an AUTZ FraternityDOT FC called for supers to shoot some TCUs onlining in U-IVGH. The FC even did the right thing by having a decent-size support fleet to kill dictors and HICs. But Goons came in anyway, killed or drove off the support fleet, and primaried one of the supers. The pilot panicked, got neuted out and died before reps could save him. On the modern super battlefield, super pilots carry passive hardeners in cargo and swap out their actives for passives in this situation using one of the nearby friendly supers as a refitting point. This guy didn't have the mods to do the switch, so... Anyway, EN24 has a few more details on this one.

And that was it, just four supers dead in two weeks. Hopefully things will be more active in 2014!


  1. Regarding that Moros KM, here's the story:

  2. 2nd dumb person was in a hole closing BS (I think). Lots of w-space folks fit them up with hilarious fits, since if you get caught with them, you were doing something wrong, usually.

  3. That wormhole Raven looks more like quickly put together rolling fit than a pve fit.

  4. on the Oracle kill.....13 Chimera's to kill 1 ABC. that's a 65 curator II's drone assisted kill?

    1. Typical bullshit that is wrong with blob-sec, or PL in particular. Totally elite PvP when you drop 13 carriers on a T1 BC. Too much money and so little risk in null sec, for the major powers.

  5. It could be also a travel fit (ie, the guy was briging in the raven from k-space).

  6. Hey jester, I'm a member of Red Coat Conspiracy and was one of the augerors feeding Billy cap. Two things you might be interested in is the fact that it was most certainly not a misclick (the guy waited about 19 seconds before accepting) and also fully expected to wake up with a carrier the next day ( the last thing he said before he logged was see you in the morning...) The pilot also logged when Billy was in the talos and before the augerors arrived, so it's pretty likely he thought he could permatank the talos. If you want verification on this, contact Henry Cummings in-game (me)


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