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Sunday, December 29, 2013


In the three years I've been writing this blog, I can only remember a small handful of posts I've written about stuff that I'm training on Ripard or how he's doing as a character. This just ain't that kind of blog. Still, I passed an interesting milestone while out on the holiday break and it seems fitting to share it:

Ripard is now more or less nerf-proof.

He now has:
  • Level 5 training on every T1 sub-cap hull class for all four races: frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battle cruisers, and battleships.
  • Level 5 training on every primary combat T2 sub-cap hull class: assault frigates, command ships, covert ops, EAFs, HACs, interceptors, marauders, and recons.
  • Level 5 training on every primary T1 sub-cap weapon system in the game: all sizes and types of gunnery, missiles (except for auto-targeting), and drones.
  • Level 4 specialization training on every T2 sub-cap weapon system in the game in all sizes of guns and missiles.
  • Level 5 training in every significant support skill, including all 20 subsystem skills, except for rigging where he has Level 4 in every rigging skill.
  • Level 5 training in virtually every leadership skill.
In terms of being a sub-cap combat character, the only things he's missing are:
  • Level 5 skill in interdictors, heavy interdictors, logistics, and black ops; and,
  • he's only got Level 4 in a couple of missile support skills and one gunnery support skill.
All in all, a pretty significant milestone! Ripard's currently sitting at 114 million SP. It's been quite a long road! Here's what his SP graph looks like at the moment for those of you that enjoy them...

Point of interest a few of you might find amusing: Ripard has 26k SP in resource processing (24k of them in Salvaging), 250 SP in production (not 250k, 250), and two skills trained in Science (the namesake skill and Graviton Physics). Ripard isn't exactly an industrial character...

By early summer, I'll have closed the gaps in the few support skills and support ships he's missing at which point I'll have a pretty significant choice to make: branch him into capital ships (I already have three heavy-skilled capital pilot alts at this point), expand his support skills to include things like blockade runners (ditto), or start selectively training some really specialized stuff to level 5 (such as Medium Railgun Specialization and Heavy Assault Missile Specialization, for instance). So far, I'm leaning toward that third option but I have until June or so to decide.

Anyway, just a one-off that I thought I'd share. Bring on the next Alliance Tournament; Ripard can fly anything! ;-)


  1. Congrats. How about a series of what-if blog entries that tackle the question: What if I only have 1 single EVE account? What sort of opportunities does such a player have? What sorts of things are not available to such a character? IMO the infamous Learning Cliff is challenged only by the de facto requirement that you need more than one "main" character to accomplish anything worthwhile when it comes to player turn-off.

    Meanwhile, I resubbed for a year during the Christmas sale but plan to do nothing but train 4-week skills for the next 6 months. Reading about eve IS more fun than playing it. There's a lesson in there somewhere. Looking forward to your analysis of PCU numbers in the wake of the last expansion. Heh, I honestly can't even recall the name of it at the moment. My own cursory review of the PCU numbers from publicly available sources suggests it's not faring too well.

    Oh.... and minutes. Yeah. Is CCP hinting at dissolving the CSM in any way? I've wracked my brain and can't come up with any other explanation for their inaction. It goes way beyond Dolan, that's obvious.

  2. i remember you from Lawn (with blister and all the other guys) and i dont understand how someone who was bad at pvp and generally just a carebear can now have a blog about eve???? Iv'e been in eve for 8 years so wheres my blog.....

    1. The blogger wannabe must be so insecure in his own nap-nap skills to come here to put Jester down. Oh dear blogger wannabe: Spend more time in EVE figuring out not to be lame and less time wishing you had any skills in communication and connecting with others.

      Oh and if you want to stop hiding in the shadows of Jester, come find me. I will be glad to wipe you and post.

      - Nordeast Portt

    2. "... so wheres my blog....."

      Well, first, you need to learn how how to properly use capitalization and punctuation. Next, you need to learn proper English grammar. Finally, you need to learn how to write years of original content, which requires a bit more thought than commenting in someone else's blog.

      Needless to say, writing a successful blog, such as Jester's Trek, requires far more skill than learning how to PvP in EVE Online.

    3. I'm a bona fide Moron and Terrible PvPer, and I have a blog too! Oh, and the sov alliance I was in? Completely failscaded. /o\ Better petition blogspot to delete my blog ASAP.
      That or I need to join Jester's club... ;-)

  3. It's really sad to think that in order to "avoid dissapointment" for the path chosen during your initial eve career you must walk the long road towards nerf proof status.

    The balance team has done a great job leveling the field recently....but i have to wonder if there will be a time when one could choose just one racial design and stick with it without becoming a liability in large fleets.

  4. actually your post points towards something you either didnt realize or dont care.
    after a certain amount of skillpoints every char of the same profession has the same skills.
    even if eve has enough skills for 25~ years of skilling, your char is "done" after 5 years. there are no decisions available. either you pick the longest skill and train it to 5, so you dont have to bother for the next weeks, or you start to train alts to sell them.

    1. I wonder if it is really a problem of not enough to do after some years? It's not that there isn't reasonable stuff to skill for Jester - it's rather that for playing Eve reasonably he needed other chars with those skills before now.

  5. No T3 ship skills?

    1. They're mentioned. All subsystem skills to 5. I have all four of the base ship skills to 4 ATM.


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