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Monday, February 24, 2014

CSM8 Status Report: Week forty-two

Did I say last week was going to be the short update? I lied. But this one will be. Matter of fact, if I was going to keep this update down to just a few words, those few words would be "just like last week, just moreso."

CSM9 campaign season is now in full swing, with more than 20 candidates declared in Jita Park so far, split nicely between incumbents and new voices. I'm cheerfully questioning some of the people I find more interesting, and I'm happy to see that a couple of pod-casts have started setting up interview schedules. As I learn about when these interviews are, I'll try to include those in the updates.

As for CSM8, we continue to wait for the release of the Winter Summit Minutes, but expect that to happen very shortly. As soon as we have a date, I'll be scheduling our fifth Town Hall to coincide with the weekend after their release. But for the record, the CSM has nothing else to do here except a final review pass once we get them back. This is the process that CCP Dolan engineered for quicker release of the Minutes; we'll see how it does. ;-)

In the meantime, we continue to be pretty busy on the internal forums with summer expansion questions and opinions being asked of us. I myself have unfortunately not had a whole lot of time to devote to it between RL work responsibilities and Rote Kapelle's in-game move. But I'm doing my very best to stay involved and informed. The Skype channel continues to be pretty quiet. The devs themselves continue to be in heads-down mode working their charters for this release.

As I've said a couple of times, we would expect to see a video blog or some sort of overview announcement of the summer release plans very soon... sometime in early to mid-March if CCP follows their previous release schedule. I know that some of the Winter Summit Minutes will be delayed until after those announcements to prevent the Minutes from pre-releasing any details about the expansion. Therefore, it's likely the Minutes will be released in two batches.

And that is pretty much it! As I said, more of the same from last week...


  1. April is coming! I swear to the gods that when I predict outlandish release dates for the summits' minutes I don't want to be always saying, "I told you so!"

    How about this... in the broadest of terms, what can we expect for the summer expansion in terms of its scope. From 1 to 10, with 1 being Inferbiconyssey and 10 being Apocrypha (5 years ago), where would you put this summer's release?

    1. That's an interesting question and it deserves a longer response than I can do in a comment.

  2. I'm really looking forward to a recap of your CSM experience, Jester.

    It'll be really interesting to learn if the job lived up to your expectations.
    The good surprises, the disappointments, the good and no so good bits.

    That will make for a riveting read.

  3. Agree with Anon5:36AM. Given the occasional hints of frustration in your CSM posts, I am curious whether what you say about your CSM experience once your term is over will differ what you (aren't) saying about it right now.

    Some things I would love to see you address in a CSM Recap post if you write one (or a series): What would you have done differently? What/who surprised you the most? Frustrated you the most? What kinds of things did you experience in the CSM/CCP process that you would not expect to have to deal with if CCP were a real-life client of yours? What is currently the biggest bottleneck or failing in the CSM/CCP process? What is the most well-oiled or productive part of the process in terms of the CSM fulfilling its role? What would you change about that process to address its shortcomings? What are your thoughts about how the CSM should evolve to best serve in its currently defined role? Is that role properly defined? Should it evolve too?

    You've touched on some of these questions in your CSM reports but a more thorough review/analysis post-term would be fascinating. It would be quite neat to see multiple CSM members address some or all of these questions. Perhaps one of the podcasters will do post-CS9 interviews to address them.

    1. Yeah, I did a "mid-term" review after six months and I'll definitely do a post-CSM wrap-up when the term is done.

      I haven't decided if I'll share the things I've found frustrating. It's tricky. There definitely are drawbacks to being on the CSM -- big ones! -- but how many of them can I share? Dunno. I'll have to think about that one.

      And a lot of these questions are ones that a longer-serving CSM member like Trebor would be better writing about. That said, will Trebor actually write about such things? It might be a case of "the best person to do X doesn't wanna do X and I'm not as good at doing X as that person would be but since that person won't, me is who you're stuck with..."

    2. Thanks for the reply. As a former CSM member, hearing about collective and individual perspectives interests me. Whether individuals are credited with their statements or not is less important (although in general I am a fan of accountability, I can understand why others more diplomatic than myself *cough* would prefer not to have opinions outed that may not be flattering to CCP). Either way, would be interesting to see a roll-up here of a bunch of current term perspectives. It's only a matter of personal curiosity as it relates to how the CSM/CCP relationship is evolving; that info is probably not all that useful to anyone otherwise. Anyway...I enjoy reading your CSM reports and certain other posts...I don't know how the hell you manage to keep up the level of posting, robo-blogger. :)


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