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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

KOTW: Hail scarify ardonn!

Anyone who lives in Syndicate for any amount of time learns about scarify ardonn. He hangs out in the high-sec entry pipe to Syndicate, specifically in K5-JRD with himself and an alt or three. His main generally flies a Sabre. And in that role, he likes to camp the 8V- gate in that system. He's particularly adept at spotting lone travelers in frigates and nailing them as they come through the pipe. He's also quite good about scanning down off-grid pounces around that gate and bookmarking them with the pilot's name. If you jump into system and he's got your name in his bookmark list, he'll often try hanging out right at your pounce to see if you land there.

And if you do, he nails you. He's become very adept at these tactics, riding them to the top 100 on Battleclinic. It's not the sort of PvP I'm interested in, but he's really good at it.

Anyway, this week he managed to nail a way bigger target than a lone frigate... now that's an outstanding kill! Congratulations, scarify!

In honorable mentions, I have to admit this kinda made me laugh: Psychotic Tendencies introduced streamer Destiny to the concept of the pipe bomb. Word has it that he didn't take it well. Here's the video if you want to see it.

Here's another ridiculously unbuffered overpriced mission ship -- a Golem -- getting blapped by an embarrassingly small number of alpha ships. Looks like only one guy got off a full volley.

And the bloodbath in Ignoitton that I mentioned last week continues. Here's a highlight.

Here's one sent in by a reader. From time to time, I enjoy camping data or relic sites. I'll sit five AU or so off-grid in something unassuming, point my d-scanner at the site and wait for something fun to land. When it does, I'll warp in and nail it. Since people running these sites tend to carry a lot of loot from system to system before cashing in somewhere, you can usually make a nice profit. Here's a similar story, where the camper decided to use a bomber fit with small weapons (they can do that, by the way). He got a much better profit than I usually do...

Number of dead super-caps last week: 2

First up, this Against ALL Authorities Nyx was nailed in Wicked Creek by a NCdot gang, while massively travel fit. Word has it this was a ratting ship. Note the distinct lack of cyno so once he was tackled there was no calling for help. This directly contributed to its death: AAA formed up a fleet to come try and save it but instead of being able to bridge in had to do it the hard way. They arrived just in time to watch the Nyx die. EN24 has the story, which basically involves just being too predictable in your super. People DO track these things, you know. But the EN24 story is well worth your time and includes some really funny back-story and a video. Go check it out.

The other super killed last week was this Gents Aeon, taken down by TriumvirateDOT. More specifically, it was taken down by sub-caps. More specifically than that, in high irony, it was taken down by a bunch of Ishtars. They were even shield Ishtars. I approve. Word has it this guy was bringing his super home from the CFC deployment and decided to use POS cyno generators... specifically, a POS cyno generator on a POS that was completely unarmed. From time to time, these tend to be monitored by people hoping to kill freighters and such using them. This time, the prize was quite a bit bigger!

Finally, the CFC admitted that FA lost a titan fetus and a super-cap fetus to TEST and Black Legion.

That's it, though! Very quiet week on the supercap front! A Wyvern died on Monday but I'll cover that next week.


  1. Maybe you will be surprised, but scarify is not using combat alts at all....

    1. If they aren't alts, they are blues. He works with Nalia White et. al. You never know what you'll get when these campers spring a trap on you. Sometimes an instalock pair, sometimes a Falcon uncloaks, sometimes there's a cloaky Sabre. Sometimes just a lone gank Sabre or arty Thrasher, but those will only engage very soft targets.

      Just saying, Scarify and his crew are not about giving gf's. If they can't gank it, they don't engage. Saying he doesn't use combat alts is a bit disingenuous if you're trying to imply he's into ::honorable:: combat.

      I'm pretty good at evading him/them, but they do put a damper on solo PVP in Syndicate when active because you take a big risk running that pipe. As Ripard says, he/they are very good at ganking and evading.

  2. Take a closer look at the Golem pilot. He lost 6 ships. With a total worth of over 40 billion. And that gank was quite a deja vu: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=19073848

  3. Please can someone link the kill report on anything that's not zkillborad.com ? Can't get the damn thing to load.


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