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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The new nine

Here's a list of who I consider the more interesting CSM9 candidates who are not CSM8 incumbents. Each of these candidates have either declared publicly or made it reasonably clear that they are running. To declare publicly, I would expect to see a blog post, a post on Jita Park, or the equivalent. For each, I list a very short claim to fame or reason why I think they'll be interesting. The candidates are listed roughly in the order that I expect them to be "serious" candidates with a good shot of winning a seat.

Confirmed as running:
It's interesting to me how short this list is! We're running way behind where we were the last two years. The Mittani, for instance, declared his CSM6 candidacy on February 7. By this date last year, not only had a couple of dozen people declared candidacies, but on February 16 last year, I was the 15th of them to be interviewed by Xander Phoena. So even with a one week later announcement of the winners, this election season is shaping up to be really quiet.

EDIT (22/Feb/2014): That's more like it! As of the 22nd, the list is a lot bigger, with 20 candidates declared on Jita Park so far.

Last year, the polls opened on April 4. If that's pushed back by one week to account for the push back of Fanfest, that still means we're only 47 days from the opening of the polls for the CSM9 election. Granted, a lot of good, serious candidates waited until late last year to announce themselves -- Ali Aras was one, for instance. She didn't declare herself until March last year. But still, I feel like we should be seeing more potentials than this. I don't know what this means, but it sure is interesting!

This post will be updated as I learn more.

EDIT (16/Feb/2014): Xander Phoena has declared his candidacy on his website.
EDIT (18/Feb/2014): Jayne Fillon has declared his candidacy in Jita Park.
EDIT (22/Feb/2014): corebloodbrothers, DJ FunkyBacon, and Gorski Car all declared candidacies in Jita Park.
EDIT (25/Feb/2014): Sion Kumitomo was announced by The Mittani as the CFC's #1 candidate on his February CEO update.
EDIT (4/Mar/2014): DNSBLACK and Psychotic Monk have declared their candidacies in Jita Park


  1. "I don't know what this means, but it sure is interesting!"

    One theory: your capable and capacious blogging has let everyone know what being on the CSM actually entails...and the corresponding interest is speaking silently but clearly.

  2. Well Steve Ronuken has my vote. I was going to vote for you as a thank you for the blog. Now he will get the vote as a thank you for all the work he has put into his site https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/

  3. Gee. maybe this is a product of the malaise and apathy that the player base has towards the game in general, and a resigned cynicism for the new voting system.

    goons have won Eve, in game and out of game. The perceptive players have accepted that, and either quit playing or adjusted their playstyle in the goon's world.

    I am reasonably certain a number of newer, doe-eyed people will sign up to run before this is all done. But as usual, the whole CSM vote is a joke. goons/null sec cartels will dominate the CSM, and just like every year, they will chip away at high sec profitability / impact on the game, until there is nothing left of value (which I expect will really accelerate with the next release).

    Stealing a quote from the insane libertarian Norquist, the null sec cartels want to shrink high sec until "you can drown it in the bathtub". That is of course, unless, CCP hands them the keys to the high sec ISK vaults and makes high sec stations conquerable, which will make the goon leader's real life wallets oh so much fatter.

    1. The only reason for anyone to be cynical about the voting system is people like you repeating lies about it in the hope that repeating them will make them feel less of a lie.

      So. Name the ways how STV is better than the old voting system that is so bad that in the world of voting systems it doesn't even have a name or stop trying to win a shouting match?

    2. Good grief, Dinsdale, your tinfoil hat must be a wee bit tighter than usual!

      Do you believe that American astronauts landed on the Moon in 1969, or not?

  4. The CSM works well as a panel of ombudsmen, but in that role, player interest rises and falls depending on whether you're on a wartime or a peacetime footing.

    As a peacetime CSM, your "feature consultant" role is more pronounced. In that role, however, most of the interesting discussions occur behind the NDA wall.

    So, the drama factor is low, and information flow is light. That environment, if it persists, is likely to engender apathy. Expect fewer candidates this year, and lower voter turnout.

  5. I think, last year, a lot of people were dissatisfied with CSM7, especially their lack of transparency. Given the new level of transparency that CSM8 brought, you only have yourselves to blame. :)

    I think also thanks to CSM8 people realize that to do it right requires a crapton of work, and that the role is more as facilitators and soundingboard as opposed to pushing your personal agenda on CCP.

  6. Last year there was more media coverage on the runup. Both from Eve news sources and CCP themselves. The new voting mechanic gave everyone something to talk about as early in the process.

    The year before that was a huge propaganda surge by CFC in Mittens run to a second term; one in which he'd been very media savvy in engaging non-Eve press, and even non gaming press.

    This year... not a lot went on all things considered with the CSM. From your perspective it was a huge year. But from people like me, the rank and file, this was the quietest CSM term in several years.

    1. With all due respect, you'd have a hard time convincing me that Mittens demonstrated any unusually effective media savvy with any of the press. People who keep trotting out that meme should really provide a few links to back up their assertions.

  7. Xander just announced he's running http://crossingzebras.com/xander-for-csm9/

  8. Bah, I announced I'd be running again, just a short time after fanfest last year ;)

  9. So according to Jester, we're short of candidates for this time of year? Maybe it's just accidental.

    But also may be related to the perception of the CSM as a place where you want to be and where you want to have a voice.

    Maybe candidates are thinking that it is too much work, for too little a reward. (I may be wrong, but IIRC the only thing that can be forwarded as 100% the work of CSM 8 taking the initiative on CCP in behalf of players, it's the assembly array loot thing -everything else has been done by CCP initiative).

    Also maybe the players are thinking that there's nothing in it to them because they can't relate to the CSM (why vote a organization where nobody plays the game like you, nobody speaks your worries and nobody gives a shit of your concerns?).

    Or maybe it's just the enui(?) that permeates the game nowadays. Being there, done that, again and again. The good ~OLD~ EVE. Why bother with it?

  10. it is a shift in the game/player culture towards group cooperation (subjugation) instead of individual success. most players of large organisations will expect their alliance or coalition leadership to represent them in some form at the CSM. hi-sec traditionally has little interest in it, since the bulk are not involved with the meta-game. at this rate we'll have 14 candidates and save time skipping an election.

  11. I just know at this point, it'd be hard to justify all this work for something that the resources aren't fully behind. I get the impression that a lot of it is for show.

    Having said that, would be great to run also. As a TESTie, if you can get the support, would have a great chance at it. Having said that, my SO gets a great flight cost perk, and if it was just to get to Iceland, there are better ways.

    I guess a sales pitch to it's efficacy would be better than reading through 44 posts of meeting minutes. I do enough useless meetings at work.

  12. the title of this blog remind me of the ringwraith from LOTR the NINE

    1. The title was intended as a tip of the hat to NASA Astronaut Group 2 in 1962 (also called The New Nine), but sure... yours kinda works too. ;-)

  13. Corebloodbrothers has announced


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