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Friday, April 11, 2014

QOTW: A little racy for a dev-blog...

I don't do a Quote of the Week every week, but when I do I try to highlight something really special. This time is no exception. The latest developer spotlight is on CCP BasementBen, the Art Manager for EVE Development. And he had this to say about his team's craft:
Q: What's the one thing you wish you could add to EVE's art that you know no one would let you?
A: Nipples on corpses. But we have clearly been instructed not to.
What can I possibly add to that? Absolutely nothing. Hee!

Except to point you at the question and answer right above that one, which if anything is even more wonderful than the nipples question. Go read it.


  1. It disturbed me that the old corpses didnt have dicks.

    Atleast now with the new corpse models its hidden and I can just assume its there.

  2. Wouldn't the nipples get burned off with the skin.

  3. After I read it, I have this picture in my mind of him getting his nose stuck in a stork. I'm not sure that is any better than what he meant. It sure is more a more disturbing mental picture because, where would you get stuck?

  4. Thanks for the un-credited quote... :P


  5. Are capsuleer clones reproductively active/capable?

    1. There is atleast 1 sex scene between capsuleers in the Empyrean age novel.

    2. I assume so. I get told to go **** myself a lot in local!


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